The Best View Of Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls is believed to be the strongest waterfall in the whole world. Of course, when you mention waterfalls, there is nothing that comes close to Victoria Falls on the African continent. But that is only until you visit Murchison Falls.

It would be a hoax if someone told you that Murchison Falls are better than Victoria Falls unless they specified why. The views of Victoria Falls are just amazing but with the story of the Nile; Murchison falls has a long heritage that is next to none.  If you asked me to choose between the two, I would go for Victoria Falls. But if you gave me an opportunity for a second trip, then I would love to watch the Nile sunset at Murchison Falls.

In order to better understand what Murchison Falls has to offer, it would be better to break it down a little bit. One gets thrown in awe by witnessing the strongest waterfall in the whole world. The roar is simply scary but the continuous grappling of the Nile waters and the Murchison rocks makes the wrestling a continuous marvel.

It is not the usual waterfall splash; it is an untamed flood compacted in an ever-continuous sequence. When you look afar off, you simply see a calmly flowing river but just beside you a noise that can only be equated to a thunderous blast.  The tricky beat is that at the moment, you can only watch the waterfall from two angles. Maybe in the future, a 360 view will be possible.

Best Time to Visit The Top of The Falls

Once you have been temporarily habituated to the awe of the waterfalls, then comes the evening time when the sun has to find its resting place once again. The view comes at the cost of accepting a steamy bath from the water gashing out of the battleground of the Nile and the narrow gorge. The impatience of the Nile waters continually creates a mesmerizing scene decorated with a rainbow in the evening.

Visiting the top of the falls in the morning and in the afternoon will often rob you of the option of spotting the top of the falls decorated with a rainbow. It is not just the rainbow that makes this an awesome scene but the sunset at the Nile. There are many places to watch sunsets on the Nile but Murchison Falls is still by far the best spot.

Is there any place you can watch a sunset at the Nile coupled with a rainbow and a sound of a mighty roar? I think there is none until now. The uniqueness of Murchison Falls lies in the fact that it is the strongest waterfall in the whole world.

Videos cannot do justice. Photos can be misleading but an individual experience of Murchison Falls can easily turn out to be the major highlight of your Uganda safari.

How to Get to Murchison Falls

It will depend on where you are coming from and how you are planning to get around Uganda. The easiest place to direct you from; is Kampala the capital of Uganda. It will take you between five to six hours depending on the traffic of the day. You will set off from either Kampala or Entebbe to the River Kafu bridge. Once you reach that bridge, you can then continue to Masindi town.

Once you reach Masindi, you can easily follow Uganda Wildlife Authority signposts to the national park. It is often better to enter the park around 3 pm. This will give you enough time to drive to the top of the fall as well as catch the special moment of the sunset at Murchison Falls.